Monday, April 8, 2013

DMR for the Fun, the Fights, and the Whiskey

I have had quite a few covo’s over the past month with questions about what I call my "Drunken Madness Roams". It seems word has spread about the insane drunk Judge that leads fleets head first into the bowls of Hell and somehow these fleets succeed. Grab a glass and fill it up. It is time to roam Judge Sarn style!


What are they? Well they are quite simple really. They are an unplanned fleet that happens when I am in the mood to start one. DMR Fleet doctrine is to do what the drunk Judge says and have fun. I have to be drunk before a “Drunken Madness Roam” can even occur. I FC the fleet, scout for the fleet, tackle and call targets. I am the first to explode as well. Yes I do all of that while drinking whiskey. I know, I know, you would think this would be made of pure failure but for some reason we get kills and all seem to have a good time. I just know the parts of the roams I can remember that I have had a great time. If you have flown in one of these fleets maybe you can tell me why they work cause I don’t have a clue.

I have run four of these fleets this year. Lets us look at the kill results.

1st Fleet was on 2-16-2013  Minor Threat was just getting started so we started things off with my dunk ass shenanigans. 18 KILLs and our first Megathron KM. Was good fun.

2nd DMR Fleet was on 2-23-2013  15 KILLs and we bagged our first Dominix

3rd DMR Fleet was on 3-23-2013  This was short as I kept DCing  from the server but we did get 7 Kills


This roam left station on 3-29-2013. Earlier in the week Reciprocrat (Crat) asked me when he could expect a DMR fleet again. Real life had been kicking my ass but I told him I would try to run one in a few days just for him.

True to my word we set out, just four of us, into the void of space. Things started off really slow. I was playing cat and mouse with FW in the plexes up and down the “Judge kill pipe” and we were having no luck at all. My fleet holding on gates, waiting and waiting for me to call them in. The call never came and I could tell the guys were getting tired of this shit. Would this be the first fail DMR in history? Will they ever want to fly with the drunk Judge again?

Aldranette was the next system so I jumped in and had the fleet hold on the gate…….again. What I saw on scan made me a bit moist and I was thinking if we pull this off the guys will never have a doubt about joining a DMR again. I had 3 black sheep sitting on that gate foaming at the mouth to shoot anything so I got on comms.

Judge > Guys I got 1 Thrasher, 1 Caracal, and are you ready for this, 1 Caracal Navy Issue and they are all in the Medium….. you guys ready for this shit?

Fleet > FUCK YES !!!!!!!

I warp to the plex and called in the guys. I did not think my little Ishkur would last long but then again this me we are talking about and I always go in head first. They all warp off as I landed and I was pist. I was about to get us out of there when the mighty Crat yelled “ Don’t leave Judge! They are coming back!” Come back they did and in no time the fail DMR was now a success and our corp was 1 billion Isk richer. The loot should keep us in whiskey and hookers for at least a month.

1 Bil in LOOT                  Battle Report

The tired wore out black sheep I had left on that gate were now full of life and ready to try to drink me under the table. My Drunken Madness Roams have now upheld their reputations for having good fun and good fights. The best part for me is I don't think I have let the guys down yet.

I look forward to running many more DMR fleets this year. You should join us.




  1. J your DMRs are great fun with or without kills bro.

  2. I flew in one late last year and it was a there a public channel where these get advertised?