Saturday, February 4, 2012


Gimme a bullet to bite on, Something to chew, Gimme a bullet to bite on
And I'll make believe, I'll make believe it's you, Don't need no drink
Don't need no drug, Don't need no sympathy --AC/DC -- Gimme a bullet-

Yep, that's what they say,"T1 frigs are fail". Well I have been hearing this shit for two years and I am through biting the bullet. It is time for "they" to be JUDGED! It just so happens there is a Judge handy to perform this task. Grab the booze and let us get to it.


I was thinking about some of the sayings I grew up with the other day. We all remember things our Grandpa or that crazy uncle used to say from time to time. I used to help my grandpa fix the fences and work cows on his place. It would be hot as hell and he would just blurt out " It's hotter than a fucked chicken in a pepper patch" and I would just chuckle to my self and keep digging my post hole. When we would get a good old fashion Texas thunderstorm he would say " it's rainin harder than a cow pissing on a flat rock" . I really miss him.

My father had a saying that I first heard come out of his mouth when I was about ten or eleven. He said" Son, You never know what you can do until you try " and he said " Son, if you know it all you can't learn nothin". How true this is. In our big ass sand box we have MANY that know it all. I am not one of them but "They" that do know it all are not doing the game any favors when they diminish the T1 frigate.


Well even though I have been out of the militia for 8 months I still like to keep up with whats going on. As I have made clear in other posts I did really enjoy my time as a squid. I was reading a thread on the EvE forums that started to make an old itch need scratching. The squids have taken a pretty good beating of late and moral has been low.  One fellow had a great idea to get more new players involved and have some fun. The idea was simple, Form T1 frig fleets and go to minor FW plexes to force the enemy to ship down and fight on squid terms for a change.

I thought this to be a great idea but then along came "They" with the whole "T1 frigs are fail" and "your teaching the noobs all wrong, they should be in BC's." OK, fuckin fine then. "They" must be right. I remember back about 18 months ago logging in in our FW home system and seeing around 30 squids in local. I would pipe up on comm's:

Me > what up guys?
Them > Nothing much
Me > Let's grab some frigs and go ruin some frogs day.
Them > I ain't flying no pussy ass frigate. I wont undock in anything less than a BC. Frigates suck.
Me > you are right and you won't undock your BC unless 20 others undock with you so while you spin your Drake for the next 2 hours I will be shooting shit in my Merlin. Have a nice day.


"They" know all things EvE so it must be true. We in the BRRC must also be fail because we fly T1 frigs 90% of the time. Let us look at the facts of the FAIL T1 frigate. Let us supose "They" are in thier shinny T3 class ship with lets say a shiny T2 cruiser and a very small gang of Rebels show up in T1 frigs. DON'T fret or worry. These are fail ships and you can not be harmed. You are quite safe in your Legion and your Rapier. If you see Rebel Darkstar land off "They's" port side in a T1 Firetail please have no fear, this is just another fail T1 frigate and your Loki is quite safe. This Loki was quite safe as well.   The R1FTA kill board runs rampant with the these fail T1 frigates failing. Please go see for your self. End sarcasm.


A bit of wisdom for the new player from the old Judge straight to you. DON'T LISTEN TO "THEY"! They are scared of their own shadow if they are not in a big ass fleet. You fly what you want. Fuck them and the goat they rode in on.
Undock that Punisher and tackle that Cain. watch him squirm as you tank and kill his drones and fight off his medium nuets with your nos while his 425's can't even hit the golden skin of this very good T1 Frigate.

Undock that Merlin and watch them get pist off  that they just can't seem to get rid of those damn shields on this very good T1 Frigate.

Undock that mighty Rifter and tackle that Drake. Watch as he shits himself when you kill his drones and his heavy missiles can't even knock the rust off your ship because he fit a long point and tank. You then hold him indefinitely waiting on your back up.

Undock your mighty Tristin and Incursus and fucking melt face.


So they say the T1 frigate is fail. Well I say they are about as much fun as you can have in this game. Yes they die allot but they are cheap. Even when you die you had so much fun. So don't listen to "They". When "They" start feeding you this horse shit you tell them that the Judge says they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and then undock your T1 Frigate and blow their ass up. I am now going to go get in my FAIL T1 frigate and shoot me some "They"!




  1. Great post Judge! Love the sayings as well, amusing stuff.



  2. The Judge has dropped his gavel and has passed sentence and "THEY" have been found guilty of criminally underestimating the T1 frig. You are hereby sentenced to go "POP!!"
    Amen brother. I think the Black Rebels have pretty much put the ridiculous T1's are crap argument to bed.

  3. Nice post brotha. "They" told me a lot of things when I started PVPing. Everyday I realize "They" were talking out their ass.