Monday, April 1, 2013

ECM and the Mighty Tristan

Fly Drunk! Fly Tristans? WTF Judge? I am liking the Fat Man. I love my Rifters of course but we should never limit ourselves to spilling whiskey in just one ship. Speaking of whiskey, lets make a drink and I will tell you the tail .


Most of you know I am flying with the Black Sheep of Minor Threat. I have been here sense about the time Duke opened the doors. I have been flying with Duke about 3 years now and can’t seem to get rid of him. He is a whiskey thief. That in itself is not a bad thing but it’s my damn whiskey he is always stealing. The things I have to put up with right?

The corp has grown and we have some great pilots. Some are new and we have picked up many old friends. I hope all are having as much fun as I am. I am a happy but still a grumpy Judge as it should be.


This all happened back in late February but it may be my greatest solo fight I have had to date and I have not had time to blog. In this fight I made very few mistakes and my adversary made many as you will soon see.

It was a busy day planet side so I was docked in Maut station dealing with shhhh….stuff. When I could though I was checking local. I noticed we had 5 in local but only 3 were docked and local did not change for at least 5 minutes. Time to undock the new Tristan and see what we can find.

After warping around hitting my scan spots I find a Kitsune on scan toward planet one. Now is he at the customs office, the planet, or one of these belts? I try the customs office and BINGO there he is. My plan was simple. I have 5 T2 Hobs. Go in hot and get a lock send in the hounds before he gets me perma jammed. The result will be he dies or he leaves. This sounded like fun to me.

Everything went as planed. I am jammed and my drones are all over his ass. Time to take a drink. What is this? He has a friend…….in a Dramiel! This Dram was NOT part of my most excellent plan. For just a moment I was thinking my little Tristan would never see his first combat as the Dram started chewing into my armor. I heated the repper up and then it hit me like that bottle of whiskey that hooker threw at me last night. This ECM fag will be leaving or dead soon and the Dram is orbiting me at 500!

Sure enough the Kitsune bailed and left his friend all alone to fight my little Tristan. Well I don’t have much armor left but I lock his ass up, scam, web, nos, 2 ion blasters and 5 drones quickly start to relieve the dram of his shields. I am  in structure now but still repping and taking big chunks of armor out of his ass. Now I am thinking holy shit Judge you are going to win this fight! I was at half structure when he joined me at the same level and then it was over.

The mighty Dram/Kitsun duo had failed at taking down the drunkest Judge in space flying a Tristan no less.

Why would I even go after a Kitune? You see in my mind the kitsune ECM boat was in my yard taunting me, laghing at me and my corp showing me no respect. This had to be delt with because I am THE Judge Sarn. I am YOUR Judge Sarn and will not alow ECM fagotry in my yard! Have a nice day.


So I learned some things from this fight. First that the Tristan is a very tough little bastard and I like them. I ran that repper FOR-EV-ER before I could use my nos. Second Drone boats do very well against ECM. In this fight ship with no drones = dead Judge. Third over confidence can get you killed. Our Dram pilot came in close for maximum damge confident that his ECM brosef would have me perma-jamed to the end of me. If he had kited me at 10 k when his brosef left he would not have been in as big a bind.

And finaly ECM does NOT = win the fight. I always enjoy reading when others beat the ECM boats and this fight goes to show that even solo you do not have to run from the ECM all the time. Pick your fight's but don't rule them out just because ECM is on the field.

FLY DRUNK! FLY RIFTERS!    or Tristans!


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  1. FLY DRUNK! FLY RIFTERS! or Tristans!

    Haha. I love it. Great fight. I always like seeing dead Drams, even more so when there's some failed ECM in there too, ha!